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Best Free Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore for Your Kids

Entertain the kids all year round with access to some of Singapore’s best outdoor playgrounds! There’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors and quality time with your kids. As a parent, it’s a blessing to be able to visit somewhere you can entertain the kids for free and know that they will have a blast! There are a number of outdoor playgrounds in Singapore, this list gives you plenty of perfect spots to visit for hours of free fun.

1. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden Playground


This is a fantastic park for kids of all ages. Located in Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden Playground was the first garden in Asia to be dedicated solely for children. The expansive playground has a sandpit and a tree house for the kids to explore, and on those super-hot days, there’s also a water play area to cool off. The wonderful thing about taking the kids to these gardens is that it’s educational, providing children with the chance to explore nature and learn about biodiversity and wildlife in Singapore. The 74-hectare park area also consists of a farm and an orchard, plus a forest with ponds and a stream – so once they’re done on the playground equipment, you can take them for a bit of exploration. There’s even a café nearby so you can ensure you’re all well fed and hydrated for hours of play! Here’s a tip though, go in the morning as the afternoon can get quite crowded.

2. West Coast Park


The king of playgrounds in Singapore’s west, West Coast Park, has seven different types of play areas catering to all different ages. This means no matter how young or old your children are, they are sure to have an absolute ball! While most of it is sand, there are two areas that cater to the smallest of children – providing softer, safer grounds for crawling and toddling. You have teenagers, you say? Don’t worry, there’s equipment for them too, including the Adventure Play Area and the Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle courses; some adults have even been known to try their luck! If you prefer a more quiet, relaxed area of the park to bring the kids and enjoy a picnic, then head to the eastern portion at Area 1. The park’s adventure playground consists of 8 playsets and obstacle courses, so you’ll have to keep your eyes on the kids as they’ll probably be enticed to head to different play areas.

3. Tiong Bahru Park Playground


Is your child obsessed with trains? Take them to the Tiong Bahru Park Playground. The kids can climb aboard the train structure in the centre of the play equipment. The tilting train consists of an engine, three carriages, and a caboose at the end – providing a lot of room for exploration and fun for the kids! Best of all, in order to exit the train, they need to slide down one of the tunnelled slides. The train structure is meant for kids aged five and older, as the whacky train does consist of different obstacles that can be difficult for younger children to navigate, so be mindful of this age restriction. For the young ones, let their imaginations run wild in the sandy ‘desert’ complete with teeter-totter horses and plastic cactus plants that can be climbed. There’s also a colourful toddler maze with a soft padded play area. The playground also offers zip-lines for older kids, along with swings and a gorgeous old-school merry-go-round.

4. Alexandra Linear Park


Five playgrounds along one single stretch of park – Alexandra Linear Park is a dream come true for all kids. Starting at Queenstown MRT Station and stretching all the way to Tanglin Road, the park is actually built on top of a covered canal. Take the easy 1.4-kilometre stroll down the canal and let your kids stop and play at each playground. There’s a rope bridge, a water terrace, and a skate park along the way too. This outdoor playground is probably more suitable for older children, with the skate park and fitness equipment providing a more challenging entertainment option.

5. Children’s Garden, Gardens by the Bay


Located between the Cloud Forest and Satay Club, the Children’s Garden is a state-of-the-art playground with four distinct sections, each geared towards a different age group. There’s the toddler play zone with play equipment such as a swaying bridge, a fish fountain, and water tunnels. The rainforest tree houses, for ages 6-12 that consist of two 4-metre high tree houses for the kids to climb and explore. The water play park is a water wonderland with all kinds of fountains and sprinklers for the kids to run around in on a hot day. There’s also an amphitheatre where you can sit on the shade and watch different educational talks and demonstrations. Most of the areas have some sort of water feature – so remember to bring your swimmers. The playground is also designed to enhance your child’s development, physically and cognitively. It’s all done through sensory playtime elements, so they’re learning without even knowing it.

6. Pasir Ris Park Playground


A well-shaded playground with loads of spots for kids to play. The wonderful thing about the Pasir Ris Park Playground is its waterside setting and ample tree coverage so there’ll generally always be a cool breeze. The playground is pretty spread out so be prepared to follow your kids around a bit but there’s always something new and exciting to explore so the children will be well entertained. There a rope climbing structure, from which you slide down when you get to the top, and a delightful rope tunnel, plus a rock-climbing knoll and of course, swings galore. For the little ones, there are play areas providing soft-foam flooring so there’ll be no scraping of knees or chance of an accident. Aside from the modern playground, there are also activities such as pony rides, water activities, bike hire, and skating areas. After a play on the equipment, get the kids and enjoy a nice nature walk along one of the multiple trails meandering through a Mangrove forest where different species of birds can be found.

7. Westgate Wonderland – temporarily closed


This outdoor playground certainly is a wonderland for the kids! Set on the rooftop of Westgate Shopping Mall in Jurong East, The Westgate Wonderland is Singapore’s largest thematic outdoor playground, adopting a fantasy garden theme to let little imaginations stretch far and wide. There are three zones – two dry play areas (one for under five years and one for the older children) and a wet play area that caters to all children. There are several interactive elements including flowers that respond to touch with music and lights. The older kids definitely won’t get bored either with a 10-metre high tree house to climb and a tube-slide to come down. Other highlights include an enormous watering can, larger than life insects and mushrooms, and a rock-climbing wall. Parents can feel content knowing that every part of this playground is visible, so you can keep a constant eye on the little ones. After splashing in the water, you can dry off in the free Blow Dry Room and change rooms just beside the wet area.

8. Admiralty Park


Admiralty Park is a free outdoor playground is the largest park in northern Singapore. The hilly terrain makes it the ultimate adventure park with 26 slides in total – the most slides in any park in Singapore! There’s also the widest slide and the longest slide in Singapore to add to the list. The kids are sure to run wild and have endless amounts of fun navigating each and every one of them! There are three main play areas – Junior Play, Adventure Play (Adventure Play is closed for improvement works until 31 December 2020), and the Family Terracing Play. Each area caters for all different age groups, from toddlers through to older kids and adults. The park encourages multigeneration play and interaction and also features an inclusive playground for children with and without special needs. Aside from the expansive playground, the surrounding park provides hours of outdoor exploration with a mix of forest, mangrove, riverine, and grassland habitats. Take the kids on a nature walk along and discover one of 100+ species of flora and fauna including dragonflies, birds, and monkeys.

9. Rumah Tinggi Eco-park


Rumah Tinggi Eco-park is a woodland-themed outdoor playground is like a storybook come to life. The kids will enjoy the hollowed-out log slide and natural tree stumps fit for climbing and daydreaming. The ‘kids only’ treehouse and wobbly bridge will provide lots of laughter, as well as the little raccoon and squirrels peeking out from their hidey-holes in the tree. Nearby, there’s a second playground for younger children, consisting of a colourful train playground on a soft surface so it’s safe for crawling. The playground is sheltered by leafy trees and makes for the perfect spot on a hot day. Everything in the park is eco-themed, with even the drinking fountains disguised to blend in with the landscape. Other points of interest include Rest Huts reminiscent of the traditional Malay houses with gabled roofs and a bamboo grove complete with palms and banana trees.

10. Bishan Street 13 Clock Playground & Vertical Playground


The famous clock-themed playground located along Bishan Street 13 is a retro play area that will entertain kids and adults alike! Built in the 1980s, the Clock Playground is covered in coloured mosaic tiles. There’s a cuckoo clock with a ladder along with a terrazzo slide hidden behind the clock face. Rocking horses atop metal springs will provide lots of laughter, and if your child is a lover of fairy-tale story books then they will love this charming playground. Nearby, you will also find the Vertical Playground. This playground is the first vertical playground to have ever been installed in Asia. It’s a three-storey-tall structure where kids can climb, crawl, hang or slide from. This is the perfect playground to bring energetic kids!

No matter where you are in Singapore, there’s sure to be an outdoor playground perfect for providing the kids with endless hours of interactive playtime. The best of all, these playgrounds are free to access and enjoy! Make the most of Singapore’s weather and get the kids out of the house and back into nature. Remember to bring the swimmers, slap on the sunscreen and take extra bottles of water because you will need it! Enjoy spending quality time with the family and watching the kids run wild!

11. Jurong Lake Gardens


With a Butterfly Maze, Lakeside and Therapeutic Garden, this outdoor wonderland will inspire your child’s imagination and ignite their sense. As they play amongst the flowers and birds, kick back and enjoy an outdoor lunch. There are regular dragon-boating and kayaking events, cove and forest ramble, a swamp habitat full of wildlife nature-inspired playgrounds, ripple pools, and facilities such as a cafe and toilets. Plan your visit with their interactive map.

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