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Best Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore for Your Kids

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Singapore’s climate means fluctuating weather conditions. It can be pouring rain for hours on end one day, and beautiful and sunny the next; often with temperatures too warm to stay outdoors for any length of time. Keeping the kids stimulated and entertained on these days can be tough. But never fear because Singapore is home to some of the best indoor playgrounds for the kids to play all year round – no matter the weather!

1. Amazonia

Head to Great World City and straight to Amazonia. As the name suggests, Amazonia is themed on the Amazon Rainforest. Located on level 3 of the Great World City shopping complex, the indoor playground is fully air-conditioned and filled with South American rainforest-themed playhouses. There’s a six-storey high jungle play gym for the adventurous of children, providing a range of obstacles along with swings, slides, and a giant ball pit. This area is suitable for children aged 3-12. If you have a little toddler on hand, you can watch them play and explore in the toddler play area, designed for little ones of 3 years and under. The soft-padded play area comes with interactive activities such as a musical keyboard, a ball pit, and a mini slide. Other highlights include the 3D glow-in-the-dark mini golf course with a dinosaur that comes to life and props such as an opening and closing treasure chest, adding to the interactive experience. For some family fun, get the kids together and team-up in the glow-in-the-dark spaceball zone. Here, you can compete with other families launching balls out of canons and aiming them at the various targets. The Amazonia Bistro is perfect for feeding hungry tummies, with a range of snacks including pasta, salads, sandwiches, and smoothies. You can sit here enjoying a cup of Illy coffee for some kid-free ‘me time’ while the kids play.

Cost: Babies 12 months & below – Free (Parents to spend min. $10); Toddlers 1-3 years old – $22; Children 3-12 years old – $33.

2. The City

The City is more than just an indoor playground, it’s a complete interactive experience! As the name implies, The City is a scaled-down metropolis complete with mini supermarket, coffee shop, police station, and a doctor’s surgery among others. This unique indoor play space is designed with the goal of creating realistic situations to help kids learn while they play. Children get to practice real-life skills including budgeting and recycling. Kids can dress up and pretend they’re a fireman for the day or even treat ‘sick’ patients in the doctor’s surgery. You’ll be entertained watching the scenarios mix together (just like in real life!) as the child role-playing as the policeman finds himself feeding a baby some cake from the coffee shop. And there’s even an area for the heroes, where children can explore being a superhero themselves – because every city needs its own superhero! The best part about this playground is that it provides children with real-life preparation and important social skills which they can utilize and take home with them.

Cost: Children under 2 years – $18; Children 2 years & older – $22; Adults – Free.

3. Aquarius Cove

An ocean-themed indoor playground, Aquarius Cove has everything you’d expect to see.. under the sea! From a submarine-shaped tunnel to inflatable slides, there’s everything a child could possibly need to have a really fun day out. The fun, colourful, themed play spaces include giant inflatable sea animals along with a ball pit, jumping castle, and jungle gym. Aquarius Cove provides a smaller, more intimate play space which provides the perfect non-threatening environment for little children. The kids will enjoy the life-size musical boat that sings and moves – and it’s big enough for parents to fit, too! There’s also a dolphin carousel designed to seat small kids safely and comfortably. The entire play space is lined with foam mats to provide a soft landing and crawl space for the kids, along with big floor cushions for parents and babies to sit and lounge or play. A small tip – remember to bring your socks, as the playground requires shoes to be removed for comfort and safety.

Cost: Babies under 11 months – Free; Children 12 months to 29 months – $10; Children 2.5 years & older – $18.

4. Waka Waka

The fun safari-themed indoor playground, Waka Waka, is brimming with loads of fun activities. Located on level 5 of the Annex building at Furama Riverfront, the interactive centre is designed to encourage confidence and a can-do attitude through a range of obstacle courses and explorer-themed activities. For the youngest in the family, there is a wave slide (with real water we might add), jumping castle and even life-sized animals including lions and zebras. The older kids will enjoy the double-storey obstacle course complete with netted tunnels, hanging logs, and stepping stones crossing over a mock river. If the kids are brave, they can tackle climbing the ‘volcano’ complete with climbing ropes and grips as well as a slide to come down. For an additional fee, older kids can have their try at the Waka Adventure Cove, a separate play space complete with a ropes course, totem pole, suspended bridge, and a rock climbing wall. For the little kids, the Babies & Toddlers section provides an animal bouncy castle, mini obstacles, a slide, and colourful building blocks. And for the parents? There’s a comfortable area complete with tables & chairs as well as a cafe to relax and unwind while your kids have a ball.

Cost: Children under 2 – $13 ($15 on weekends); kids 2-12 years – $20 ($25 on weekends).

5. KidsSTOP

Satisfying a child’s innate sense of inquisitiveness, investigation, and innovation, KidsSTOP at the Children’s Science Centre is great for play with an educational twist. Spread over 3000 square metres, the centre sparks a child’s interest in science, maths, and technology. And since the indoor playground is so much fun, they don’t even realise they’re learning! There are 20 exhibits designed for kids as young as 18 months, each zone themed depending on the topic. The kids can explore all things planes and gravity and even be a pilot for the day in the Flight and Space zone, learn all about marine life in the Oceans’ Buddies zone, and build and create robots in the PlayMaker Studio. There’s also a builder station with vests, helmets and tools, and climbing equipment for the older kids which will have them entertained and inspired for ages. Each zone provides hands-on activities to promote interactive play and learning. A tip – you’ll need your socks since there’s a couple of zones where they’re compulsory. Children under four years must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Cost: Children under 18 months – Free; Children 18 months-8 years – $16; Adults – $9.

6. Katapult

This one’s for the older kids – but the best thing? That means you can enjoy it too! Katapult is Singapore’s first purpose-built trampoline park, offering 1300 square metres of jumping fun. There are more than 30 interconnected trampolines for you and the kids to enjoy, including a dodgeball court, Olympic trampolines, plus an area where you can freefall three metres into an airbag. For those young ones, there is a kid’s zone, so the little ones won’t be hurt by the older kids. And just note that for kids under 4, parental supervision is required. You’ll need to bring your socks, but if you forget there’s the option to purchase grip socks from the merchandise shop. Be prepared – jumping will burn a lot of energy! Expect a hungry and tired troupe of kids afterwards!

Cost: Monday-Fridays – $15 for 1 hour, $28 for 2 hours; Weekends and Public Holidays – $19 for 1 hour, $35 for 2 hours.

7. Airzone

Another indoor playground made for the older kids. Airzone, located in City Square Mall, is the world’s first indoor suspended net playground! The elevated playground consists of different zones that you first must access by climbing up a rope bridge, with each zone requiring the kids to exit via a PVC slide. The first level consists of a suspended ball pit filled with bouncy balls and giant Zorb balls. There’s even a maze zone where kids have to navigate an obstacle course of small paths and slopes. Keep in mind that this indoor space is not made for those afraid of heights and will require only the bravest of kids aged 4+.

Cost: $20 per person (child or adult) for a minimum of 30 minutes.

8. Buds by Shangri-La

The first hotel on Orchard Rd to design and build an interactive indoor playground for kids, Buds at Shangri-La offers tons of fun – and you don’t even have to be a hotel guest to enjoy it! The newly opened play space features 2,150 square metres of fun for all ages, including a massive ball pit, several slides, trampolines, and even a mess-free ‘sand’ area made of rice! For babies and toddlers, there’s a dedicated soft play area, and there’s also activity rooms where kids can paint, play dress-up, or sing karaoke! Don’t forget to bring the swimsuits, as there’s also an outdoor pirate ship playground with a splash pad to play and cool down in.

Cost: Children over 4 years – $48; children under 4 years – $28. Entry fees are for 3 hours of play.

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