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Your Friendly Guide to Meeting New Mums in Singapore

Friends enrich every stage of life, but are especially important during the early years of motherhood. Friendships during motherhood are the life jacket holding your head above water. Studies tell us that through friendship, our mental and physical health is significantly more stable, largely in part to a woman’s natural inclination to lean on people when times get tough. The reality is that when you have a child, many of the things you once thought were so simple suddenly seem so much harder. Just getting a meal on the table can sometimes be hard, and friends are there to remind you that not only is it okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes, but that it’s perfectly normal. In fact, they’ll likely love you even more for it.

But what happens when you face a friendship hurdle? What happens if you’re the first one of your friends to take on the challenge of motherhood. What happens if you move to a new city and you don’t know anyone, let alone someone with a child the same age as yours? What happens if you’re the last in your friendship group to take on a baby and every other child you know is grown up?

Well, put simply, you’re made to find new friends.

Making mum friends

Making ‘mum friends’ that you enjoy spending time with and can share all you need to with isn’t an easy feat, but it’s an important one. No matter how awkward you might feel, just remember that every new mum is in the same situation and that all mums, no matter what stage of motherhood they are in, crave friendship. This applies whether you are in Singapore or your home country.

Half the battle of finding friends is putting yourself out there and convincing yourself to walk out the front door. Your baby sleeps a LOT, therefore it’s tempting just to stay indoors. But let’s say you understand the importance of finding friends and you’ve got your baby ready and waiting in the stroller. Where to from here?

  • Take a stroll to your local playground – one especially tailored for toddlers and infants.
  • Get comfy in your local coffee shop, preferably one that caters for young kids.
  • Sign up for a baby music class.
  • Enroll yourself in a postnatal yoga class or join a gym with a creche for babies.
  • Use nap time to take a long walk through the park.

These are just a few examples of how you can put yourself out there, but remember, it’s up to you to make the first move. To help facilitate this, there are now apps that help mums connect with other mums in their local area.

Connecting with other mums

Many mums feel isolated from their friends and community when they have a baby, and it can be made even harder when their existing social group haven’t got any children of their own. Finding others who share motherhood in common can be a challenge, but it’s important to in order to not feel so alone during an experience that can be both overwhelming and exhilarating.

It’s also important to recognise that sometimes feelings go beyond loneliness and if you recognise symptoms of postnatal depression (PND), anxiety or negative behaviour with another new mum, you may suggest they seek medical help and a helping hand.

Parenting styles have indeed changed with the times. This growing interconnected world has paved the way for new apps and social media sites aimed at helping mothers to reach out and connect with other parents. Several apps and social media platforms have been developed to make the task of meeting other mums and forming friendships easier.

To make that connection and get better at making friends, it’s recommended to begin by meeting other parents in natural circumstances. Don’t wait around for some amazing mum to come up and chat with you. If you see someone you’d like to connect with, approach her. Not sure how?

  • Pay a sincere compliment like, “I love your earrings” or “I like your dress”
  • Ask a question such as, “Can you recommend a good park near here?”
  • Make a statement such as, “It sure is humid today”
  • Comment on a choice they’ve made such as, “What type of burger is that? It looks amazing”
  • Mention their child with words such as, “Your son has the cutest shoes, where did you get them from?”
  • Ask how old their child is.

Alternatively, if it’s difficult for you to get out in your local area or to find other like-minded mums, you can make use of an official support group or a social media platform/app to help form these connections. Singapore is packed with different support groups that cater for every kind of parent, so whether you’re expecting, in your first few weeks of parenthood, are a single parent, or are juggling a toddler with newborn in tow, you can find a group to best suit you.

Popular groups and apps to meet supportive mums include:

New Mothers Support Group

If you’re going a little stir crazy at home then you’ll love the New Mothers Support Group, which regularly hosts events including expert talks, coffee mornings, sensory play and art sessions and organised walks. There’s something happening virtually every day of the week, meaning you need never feel bored again.

Mother & Child

Since its beginning in 1994, Mother & Child has grown significantly, and today you’d be pushed to find a parent in Singapore that hasn’t heard of them or used their services. No one offers more support to your new family than they do. Conveniently located in Tanglin Mall at the end of Orchard Rd, Mother & Child is a great place to meet other mums, mums-to-be, and couples in the same situation you are in. Offering a wide range of classes and workshops, including first aid and CPR classes, there’s always an activity to take part in.


If you want to be a lot more specific about your mum networking, then Meetup is the place to go. An online resource that facilitates get-togethers centered on a topic of interest, you can find mothers interested in the same topics and pastimes as you are. You’ll find every kind of group here, from Working Mums with Kids to Oiling Mums and Mucky Pups Creative Mums.

Singapore Active Toddler Playgroup

If you have a very active toddler that likes to play outside, go swimming, go to the park, check out the museums, and explore new places to play in Singapore, then you’ll benefit from joining the Singapore Active Toddler Playgroup. With more than 1600 members there are always parents willing to meet in a variety of locations, areas or houses. If you don’t see a meetup that suits you, request to become an event coordinator and arrange your own.

Storks Nest Singapore

With a private Facebook group boasting more than 7,000 members, Stork’s Nest is the ultimate go-to for online advice when it comes to parenting newborns in Singapore. No question is too silly or obscure, and you can guarantee that someone out there has had or is sharing a similar experience.

East Coast Mums Support Group

For new mums in the East who’d rather not travel too far to connect with other mums, East Coast Mums provides online support and the opportunity to start conversations with those living in your area. Connected to the group are a number of specific Facebook groups designed for East Coast mums, including a group for mumpreneurs, kid-based businesses and those looking to rent or buy in the East Coast of Singapore.

SNS: Working Mums Support Group

A support group specifically designed for mums working and parenting in Singapore. A subsidiary of Stork’s Nest Singapore, this group provides a forum for discussion and friendly support among working mums. It is great for seeking advice on topics such as pumping at work, sleep deprivation, and morning tantrums (both mum and baby).

SSNAP – Singapore Special Needs and Parents

This group is intended to provide a place where parents of special needs children can help and advise each other. As well as offering an active Facebook page, the group also provides a monthly newsletter. Advertisements are posted on Mondays only and can be a handy way to learn about the services available to you and your child.

Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group

Offering Singapore mother’s 30 years of support, the Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (BMSG) has been a pioneer in advocating public support for breastfeeding. This group provides mums with education, counselling, and support when it comes to understanding breastfeeding. This group is perfect for new mums who are struggling with breastfeeding problems and who need a healthy support group to lean on and confide in. The vibrant community regularly hosts breastfeeding workshops including Breastfeeding 101 and Breastfeeding & Going Back to Work.

Single Parenting Support Group (SPSG)

Started by a single mother, the Single Parenting Support Group (SPSG) is a wealth of information for single parents and offers support and compassion for those bringing up children solo. You can reach out to their Facebook community and offer or receive advice with other members/followers. The group also provides help and services for single parents, including painting and cleaning services, as well as general classifieds with members selling or giving away baby clothes and toys.

Singapore Motherhood Forum

Forums are a great and accessible way to bounce ideas off other mums and to navigate the many challenges of motherhood. The Singapore Motherhood Forum has threads divided into every age group so that you can look up discussions appropriate to the age group of your child. This is also an easy way to find mothers with children in the same age range as your own and can serve as an opportunity to meet up and go on playdates! The discussions cover everything from breastfeeding to baby’s first steps and navigating preschools.

Kiasu Parents Forum

This casual discussion forum is dedicated to parents to discuss common adulting issues including parenthood, relationships, and domestic help. The helpful community offer no-nonsense advice and is a great spot to vent and seek refuge in other like-minded people. Latest articles/thread topics include How to Talk to Kids and Teens about Sex as well as The Secret to Perfect (and Meaningful) Holidays with Kids. There are also threads offering ideas for healthy snacks to put in your children’s lunch boxes and a thread to help those suffering with financial problems.


BumpWise is perfect for expectant mums who want to learn about doulas in Singapore, as well as holistic support and natural alternatives. The Facebook group is managed by doulas who offer support and valuable information about pregnancy and birth, including specialty areas such as natural birthing, nutrition, herbal healing, aromatherapy, yoga, and massage. BumpWise offers Antenatal classes and workshops, and works hard to line mums up with a wide range of contacts to assist them throughout the pregnancy and birth stages.

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