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Best Chinese New Year Takeaway Options in Singapore

Chinese New Year

It may seem like just yesterday that we were welcoming the new Gregorian year, but guess what – Chinese New Year is just around the corner. If you haven’t booked a seat at your favourite restaurant yet, you might be too late. Restaurants book out fast in Singapore for Chinese New Year and the demand for tables seems to get bigger every year.

All is not lost, however. In fact, your New Year feast just got easier.

Chinese New Year at home

Singapore offers a ton of restaurants that provide fantastic takeaway options for Chinese New Year. Instead of taking your baby out and sitting amongst a huge crowd, have the food come to you! Chinese New Year is all about celebrating with family, so as you long as you have each other, that’s all that matters. Pick up some red cloth napkins, purchase a few red lanterns to hang, place some chopsticks on the table and invite the family over. They can pick the takeaway up on the way, making life even easier for you!

Here are a few of our favourite places in which to grab takeaway from…



Image via cappellasin

Capella Singapore’s Cantonese restaurant, Cassia, draws inspiration from the age-old spice routes in Southern and Western China, as well as the seas around Singapore. Classic dishes include Peking Duck and double-boiled soups, but anything you order is a treat for the senses. Using traditional and regional recipes, dishes are prepared with haute Cantonese techniques, resulting in food that’s memorable and delicious.

To keep Chinese New Year simple, Cassia is offering its Traditional Prosperity Lou Hei take-home pack, $58 for two-four people. Simply walk in and pick up this punchy tossed salad of both salmon and tuna, no bookings required. Available from Feb 2 – March 5.

Cherry Garden

Cherry Garden

Image via mo_singapore

The Cherry Garden might be one of the most beautiful restaurants in Singapore to dine in, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be just as good when you bring the food home. With two-days notice, Cherry Garden offers an amazing take-home Treasure Pot ($338 for six), a warming casserole of 13 luxe ingredients like sea cucumber and abalone. To finish off your meal, pick up a Cherry Garden Fortune Gift Box too ($58), a 16-piece box of green tea mochi stuffed with lotus paste and macadamias.

The Deli

The Deli

Image via buurple

The Goodwood Park Hotel is renowned for its great dining options, which range from casual simplicity to fine gastronomy. Sat among them is the ever popular The Deli, a quaint little assortment of cakes, pastries, hot savoury pies and sandwiches for takeaway.

The Deli always has some great ‘grab-and-go’ packs on offer, and this Chinese New Year, you can pick up a Golden Prosperity Pumpkin Cake (a dense cashew-enriched confection with gold icing) and a Blessings of Fortune Cake (fudge cake topped with chocolate coins) for your guests. Available from January 29 – March 5.

Min Jiang

Min Jiang

Image via hungrygowhere

Also in Goodwood Park Hotel is Min Jiang, named after the Min River in the Sichuan province of China. Min Jiang is famous for some of the best Chinese in Singapore and it has a host of awards to prove it.

If you give Min Jiang three days notice, you can pick up a stunning Joy of Abundance, a dish of eel maw stuffed with dace fish paste, shaped like two koi fish and encased in a salt crust. Combine this Min Jiang’s orange carrier bag or lucky golden garlic shaped cakes ($88 for 1kg) and we’d say you’ve got the makings of a very fine feast!

Majestic Bay

Majestic bay

Image via Majestic Bay

Majestic Bay might be all about nautical design, it’s unbelievable art collection, and an impressive waterfront view of the Marina Bay, but the cuisine at Majestic Bay is just as impressive as the setting. Offering some of the freshest seafood in Singapore, the menu showcases chilli crab, black pepper crab, steamed fish, roast meats and other innovative creations from renowned chef Yong Bing Ngen.

If you want to spoil your family this Chinese New Year, you can’t go past the restaurant’s fancy Empurau Yusheng, translucent slices of the world’s most expensive freshwater fish. Found in Sarawak, this fish is known for its flavour and pretty, edible scales. But it will cost $229. Available from February 9 to March 5, no advanced notice required.

The Organic Grocer

Organic Grocer

Image via theorganicgrower

The Organic Grocer brings the best organic products right to your doorstep and for Chinese New Year, it will happily deliver a wholesome Prosperity Box, perfect for a hotpot party. At $88 for three to four people, it’s great value, made up of organic grass fed beef, wild caught scallops and all sorts of sustainably sourced goodies. Available now until February 18.   

Paradise Group

Paradise group

Image via alainlicious

Creating new dimensions of dining pleasure, Paradise Group promises Oriental cuisine where gourmet menus meet with exceptional value. The food is always innovative, always creative, always experimental, and most importantly, always enjoyable.

Order the restaurant group’s Golden Leaf Double Fish Glutinous Rice Cake ($36.80 for a pair). Eating the sticky dessert pretty much assures abundance and wealth in the New Year, and you’ll love the cheery orange and gold hues of the fish. If you don’t want to serve it as an after dinner sweet, the rice cakes also make for a great Chinese New Year breakfast. In fact, Nian gao is the traditional morning meal on the first day of the year.

Tung Lok Group

tung lok group

Image via Tung Lok Group

The Tung Lok Group manages more than 35 restaurants in Singapore and its doorstep delivery service means you can enjoy the best of their food too. Tung Lok have put together a full meal to enjoy at home this Chinese New Year, making your hosting experience the easiest it could possibly be. Grab a Royal Take Home Feast ($368 for six; $498 for 10) and enjoy the Tung Lok Treasure Bowl (i.e. pen cai), yu sheng, fried glutinous rice with preserved meat, herbal chicken and Nian gao (sweet rice cakes). Available through March 5.

Yan Ting

yan ting

Image via Yan Ting Restaurant

Yan Ting is the choice of the world’s business elite, located at Level 1U at the St. Regis Singapore. Helmed by a team of master chefs, Yan Ting showcases exquisite Cantonese cuisine. Pick up the Prosperity Yu Sheng with Norwegian Salmon (from $68) and your guests are in for a real treat. The classic is taken to the next level with snow pear and passion fruit-infused plum sauce dressing and it’s the perfect start to your feast. For mains, order a Chinese New Year Pun Choy ($468), which blends thirteen special ingredients — including abalone, dried oysters and sea cucumber — in a clay hot tub and bathes the whole deal in a savoury brown sauce.

Mouth Restaurant


Image via Mouth

Mouth Restaurant is Singapore’s go to restaurant for Yum Cha and is reasonably priced. Offering 100 mouth-watering handmade dim sums, such as rainbow har gao, squid ink char siew buns and the ever-popular Lui Sha Bao, it also offers Cantonese favourites like Kobe-baked suckling pig and Peking duck. This Chinese New Year, not only can you order takeaway from their a la carte menu, you can enjoy a set menu at a very special rate. Priced at $128 for four people, you’ll get crispy fish skin prosperity yusheng, Mouth’s BBQ Quad Combi A, sauteed pork ribs, steamed deep sea fish in lime sauce, braised e-fu noodle and Mouth’s Lui Sha Bao, saving $60!   

The Carvery: Pulled Pork Lohei


Image via asiatatler

Ever tried a yu sheng platter with pulled pork? And not just any pork, but premium quality pork from The Carvery? The Carvery is well known for having the most tender, succulent roasts in Singapore, and their special Pulled Pork Lohei can be yours for Chinese New Year for just $38.80. You’ll get fried fish skin, granny smith apple strips, caramelised walnuts, orange pearls, fried pickled ginger, balsamic peach dressing, and crisp pok chui crackers, and the tastiest pulled pork you could imagine. Available from 19 January to 27 February and feeds up to six people.



Image via misstamchiak

A takeaway yu sheng is a great way to celebrate Chinese New Year and VLV’s renowned Executive Head Chef, Martin Foo, offers an amazing one. Available in various sizes and starting from $48 (for 3-4 people), Foo’s Yu Sheng comes with a myriad of fresh, crunchy, and colourful vegetables, as well as two types of raw fish – salmon and yellow tail. The highlight though is Foo’s specially created passionfruit sauce, which has just the right amount of zing and sweetness.

Bellamy’s Organic


Image via Bellamy’s Organic Singapore

For the little ones attending your Chinese New Year feast, Bellamy’s Organic delivers too! Be it baby rice, oatmeal, organic fruit puree or a tasty risotto, your baby will be in foodie heaven too with pure and simple ingredients.

So there you have it. Plenty of reasons why staying at home for Chinese New Year is actually a great idea!


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