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25 Hassle-Free Getaways Under 7 Days For Parents & Kids

Travelling with kids requires a bit of planning. If you have younger children, you may not like the idea of travelling too far. Fortunately, there are many short overseas destinations and quick getaways around Singapore for families to make the most of their vacation time and enjoy it without stress.

1. Kuching, Malaysia

Just a short trip away, Kuching is a destination bustling with charm and history. The city itself is very walkable, with wide and clean sidewalks suitable for families and prams. Walking at night is safe and provides a cool relief from the daytime heat. The Kuching waterfront is lined with food stalls and interesting sights to see. You can catch a small boat to take you to the other side. Nearby, Bako National Park provides a picturesque location to picnic and go on a family nature walk. Kuching also provides a range of wildlife parks including wildlife rehabilitation centres, as well as cultural villages, museums, and outdoor cafes suitable for kids.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a great destination for the kids. The top attraction? Disneyland! You can stay at one of the 706 themed guest rooms at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. After a day of rides and attractions, head to the Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Sky Tree to take in a panoramic view of the city skyline. The bustling fish market will also be a hit with the kids, taking in the sights and smells of fisherman with their fresh seafood. For something for your kids to remember, meet the charming Geisha and watch a traditional performance. Plan your trip during cherry blossom season (between late March and early April) for a fairytale experience.

3. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a popular weekend getaway for those living in Singapore. If you’re heading to Hong Kong for a family vacation, you are in luck! There are plenty of attractions for the kids including Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, and the Star Ferry which journeys along the rivers and harbours. Kids will particularly like the toy market stalls, lining most streets of downtown Hong Kong. Another fun family experience is to ride the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak

4. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This vibrant city will give you and the kids a taste for culture, with so much to see and do. One of the things you must do is see a traditional Vietnamese water puppet show. These shows depict the culture, traditions, and folklore of Vietnam and is a great family activity. The Buu Long Pagoda temple is another beautiful attraction with vast grounds to wander around and relax. Ho Chi Minh is also home to several theme parks as well as game arcade centres. Combine a day of shopping with a round of bowling at Superbowl Vietnam at Diamond Plaza Mall in Saigon.

5. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is best known for its white sandy beaches and resort-like feel. This is the perfect vacation where the adults can relax, and the kids can have fun. Bang Thao Beach is ideal for families with gentle surf, great food and dining options, and plenty of amenities along the promenade. Nearby is Phuket’s Splash Jungle, a water park ideal for kids to splash, slide, and play.

6. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The family-friendly destination of Cameron Highlands is only a 3-hour flight from Singapore. The picturesque location includes tea plantations (you can choose to stay on a plantation if you wish), strawberry farms for the kids to pick and eat their own berries, and attractions like the butterfly farm, Cactus Valley, and hot air balloon rides.

7. Siem Reap, Cambodia

A trip to Siem Reap must include a tour of the Angkor Wat temple complex at sunrise, and a wander around the ancient grounds. Here, the kids will feel like Indiana Jones exploring the temple and ancient stones and twisted tree roots. Take the family on a tuk-tuk ride and be blessed by a Monk at a temple. There are so many natural wonders around Siem Reap to discover.

8. Perth, Australia

A five-hour plane trip will get you to Perth, Australia. Kings Park and Botanic Gardens are perfect for strollers and for a relaxing picnic with the kids. You will get a wonderful view of the capital of Western Australia here. The historic port of Fremantle is another favourite destination for families, known for its architecture, great food & dining options, and view of the harbour. You will find many beautiful beaches in Perth and its surrounds, with Cottesloe Beach a favourite for young children.

9. Koh Chang, Thailand

The beautiful island of Koh Chang is a picturesque and stress-free place to travel with kids. The quiet beaches and safe environment make this location ideal for families with young children. Baby essentials are available to purchase easily within the island, so you don’t need to worry about taking bub with you. For older kids, they will be begging to go on one of the many elephant treks on the island!

10. Osaka, Japan

Osaka is a great destination for theme park lovers, since it’s home to Universal Studios Japan where the kids can experience Hogwarts and all things Harry Potter. You can also make a day trip to Nara Deer Park which is home to over 1,000 deer. In the Kita District, take the kids to explore Kids Plaza Osaka – an enormous play zone and science museum which is one of the best of its kind in Japan.

11. Seoul, South Korea

Arrive in May when the cherry blossoms have bloomed for a beautiful experience in Seoul. Experience the famous Dongdaemun Night Market, take the kids to explore the Seoul Children’s Museum filled with all types of playgrounds and activities, or relax in Seoul Forest where you can find a deer garden, skate rink, horse stables, a butterfly garden, picnic areas, and four playgrounds.

12. Manila, Philippines

With its Spanish colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, Manila is a unique part of the world for a family getaway. Visit the Manila Ocean Park for an underwater experience, try the SandBox ropes and obstacle course, or take the kids to Dinosaurs Island – the Philippine’s first ANIMATRONICS dino amusement park. For a fun way to get around town, take the kids on a horse carriage ride.

13. Chennai, India

Chennai in Southern India is a beautiful destination with pristine beaches, ancient temples, and delicious food. The nearby town of Pondicherry has a heavy French influence, which allows you to sample the best of two countries! There are a lot of beaches that are safe for kids to swim in and play, along with an aquarium, horse rides, walking trails, and water sports.

14. Railay, Thailand

Railay is only accessible via longtail boat, which makes for an adventurous experience with the kids. While on shore you will all be blown away by the beauty of the two beaches that make up Railay beach. Both are kid-friendly and perfect for swimming or playing on the sand. There are no cars on the island, making it safe for the kids to get around and run amok. There’s a wide range of activities here including sand sculpting, taking part in cooking demonstrations, ball sports, and nature trails.

15. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a great destination for foodie families! Only 2 hours away, the city of Bangkok can be a weekend getaway for you and the kids. Featuring a range of dining options including the popular street food delicacies, the family will be in heaven with the delicious local cuisine. The Thai cooking courses in Bangkok are among the best and can be a fun way to bond with the family. For a kid’s day out, take them to Safari World where they can watch elephants painting!

16. Hanoi, Vietnam

The winding lanes in Hanoi’s old town will make for a day of adventure and exploration with the kids. Hanoi also offers theme parks, exotic markets, and a water park that overlooks the rice paddies. For a day of shopping and fun, head to Savico Megamall where an ice skating rink provides hours of entertainment for the kids.

17. Penang, Malaysia

Penang is an ideal short getaway from Singapore. Treat the kids to family fun at the Escape adventure park which has everything from waterslides to jumping castles, mazes, zip-lines, and more! For a day of culture and appreciating Penang’s hidden gems, visit Kek Lok Si Temple – the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia.

Short getaways and day trips in Singapore

18. Pulau Ubin

The island of Pulau Ubin is Singapore’s second most known island. It’s a mixture of beautiful coastline and wetlands, and provides many activities for families including bike paths, nature trails, and traditional villages where the kids can learn about this history of the island and Singapore.

19. Bintan

White sand beaches and lush jungles make up the island of Bintan. For families, the island provides a range of family-friendly resorts and activities. Specialty programs for kids include making s’mores by the campfire, treasure hunts, sandcastle building, cooking classes for kids, beach “Olympics” competitions and more! There’s a kids club available for parents who need a bit of a break to rest and rejuvenate long with a range of delicious food options.

20. Batam

Batam Island is only an hour ferry trip from Singapore and is a budget-friendly getaway destination for families. Cheaper dining and shopping experiences can be found here, along with fun activities for the kids, including water sports, ancient temples, and indoor play centres.

21. Malacca

Malacca is an ideal destination to give the kids a history lesson. It used to be the most important trading port in Southeast Asia, and the old colonial architecture is still preserved making Malacca fascinating to visit. Popular places to take the kids include the museum, the river and waterways, and the 18th century Dutch House.

22. Johor Bahru

The city of Johor Bahru has become a popular destination for families, namely due to it being the home of Legoland Malaysia and the Hello Kitty Indoor Theme Park. You will also find the scenic Puteri Harbour where there’s a range of dining options, endless places to go shopping, and the awe-inspiring Kota Iskandar Mosque.

23. Desaru

With sapphire blue waters, white sand beaches, and an island paradise feel, Desaru makes for a relaxing getaway only a 30-minute ferry ride from Changi Ferry Terminal. For a unique family experience, take the kids to the Desaru Ostrich Farm where they can get up close and personal with these fascinating birds and even see and touch an ostrich egg.

24. Kusu Island

The island of Kusu, meaning “Tortoise Island” in Chinese, is a tropical paradise with a cultural and religious significance. Kusu is full of blue lagoons, wildlife, and sacred sites including the Da Bo Gong Temple. For the kids, visit a tortoise sanctuary or explore the sea life along the coast where you can find rock pools of coral, crabs, starfish, and clams.

25. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is one of the most popular destinations for day trips among Singaporeans, especially young families. The island is known as “the fun state” – featuring something for everyone. Kids will love the abundance of theme parks on the island including Universal Studios, while parents can choose from shopping malls, casinos, nature walks, and more.

Planning a getaway with the kids

Singapore is in an ideal location for short day trips to exciting overseas holidays around the Asia Pacific. Make the most of these hassle-free getaway destinations and allow yourself and the kids to relax and have fun! Keeping the kids entertained on holiday is easy but making sure they’re eating right can be a bit more difficult. Plan ahead, and shop online for Bellamy’s products here.

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